judica is your partner in building DAOs and other decentralized applications on bitcoin. let us help you create peer-to-peer financial systems and restore the balance of power to the people. we offer an open source platform and utility apis to make your project a success. read the judica charter to understand more about our outlook.

judica's overarching goal is to fiscally empower humanity. we beleive bitcoin stands to be the vehicle that drives this empowerment, but only if the bitcoin community keeps a dedicated focus on helping all users improve their fiscal liberty. judica is the platform for bitcoin community to build the projects that realize bitcoin's potential.

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judica is creating software that will have a remarkable impact on the bitcoin ecosystem. we endeavor to provide these to the community openly. these applications are available without any new features added to bitcoin, and can leverage new features as they become available.
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push the boundaries of what's possible in bitcoin at judica. seeking technical contributors, but open to non-technical.

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