From the Sapio Zoo: HODL Chicken + Tux Preview

by Pyskell and Jeremy Rubin on September 6, 2020
An on chain game of chance. read more…

Sapio Tutorial Sneak Peak

on August 2, 2020

We’ve been hard at work getting Sapio ready for release, but I figured it would be a good time to share some early documentation & basic tutorial to make Sapio a little more concrete.

Enjoy the sneak peak!

read more…

The Urgency of Rearchitecting Bitcoin's Mempool

by Jeremy Rubin on August 1, 2020
A deep dive into understanding some of the architectural challenges in Bitcoin’s mempool and where future research may make improvements. read more…

$50,000 Grant from 100x Group (BitMEX)

on July 22, 2020
Judica to use the funds to improve the mempool. read more…

Sapio @ Reckless VR Meetup

on July 11, 2020
A talk on Sapio at Reckless VR which explains how Sapio works by exploring an implementation, bug fixes, and improvements to Blockstream’s Liquid deposit contracts. read more…

$1,000 Grant from Delphi Digital

on July 6, 2020
Leading crypto analytics firm makes strong commitment to funding open source development read more…

$10,000 Grant from ACINQ SAS

on June 18, 2020
ACINQ answers the call to organize an effort around improving the mempool. read more…