judica is creating software that will have a remarkable impact on the bitcoin ecosystem. we endeavor to provide these to the community openly. these applications use judica's cutting edge bitcoin technologies, but we're exploring options to make them available in a limited fashion without any new features added to bitcoin.

this page is an index of some of the projects currently in development at judica. consider joining us if you want to work on them!


a flexible and powerful smart contracting language that enables stateful smart contracts.
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a suite of 100% self-custodial wallet vault apps that empower users to practically manage and spend funds in cold storage while minimizing risk factors.


a withdrawal service that helps exchanges and other custodians batch their transactions together, improving privacy and throughput.


a system for creating cancellable recurring payment slips without requiring an online server for normal operation and allowing recipients to draw liquidity at their preference.


a protocol for creating, marketing, and managing synthetic bitcoin denominated derivatives based on blind federations of oracle data providers.

bip-119 ctv

a simple soft-fork proposal for enabling covenants, an advanced bitcoin smart contract technique.
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mempool work

architectural improvements to bitcoin's mempool to make transaction processing blazing fast, eliminate potential denial of service attacks, and provide more sound ways of bumping transaction fees.
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